Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dragon Ball

been watching a lot of Dragon Ball Z Kai lately, 

but all i really want is good ol' baby Goku in dragon ball.
:( sigh.

bulma was always hot

should i have signed these? 
i'm never sure with fan art,

i feel like signing means i claim the characters... :( help?


  1. omg i love these so much i dont even

    baby goku is one of my FAV characters ever... these are so perfect omg djkfghfdgs

    as for signing them go ahead if you'd like! a sig means you drew it basically, as long as you drew that pic a sig is fine :)

  2. omg lauren, baby goku (why did i type "baby jesus"?) is unstoppable cute

    and thanks! i've been wondering how the fan art thing works - :( i'm dumb and never bothered to post or share any

    i don't know if there's a secret fan art police

  3. SOOOO CUTE TIFFANY!! I love these!!! :D <3