Monday, July 12, 2010

mad men

my mind is consumed by consumerism 

i am such a roar at the office 

and so cunning with the gentlemen 

all with my magical red accordion and my loose livin' iced tea

i apologize for this non-art related post lol


  1. Just curious ... do you really play the accordion?

  2. If you're seriously interested in learning, there is a professor at CSUN who majored in music using her accordion at CSULB (back when that was possible). Let me know and I'll give you her contact information... or you can drop by ELPS during working hours.

  3. OH MAN!! i was be seriously keeping that in mind!

    can you play?!

  4. Yes, I actually can play, but I don't think I'm nearly as good as I once was. I want to get back into it, though - the instrument works well with jazz and I still want to find some of the real Italian works.

  5. that's the coolest thing in teh world, really??
    did you feel like it was really difficult to learn? and it's pretty heavy, isn't it? so was that a problem at all?

    p.s., is this Eliza ivanova?

  6. Actually, it's Eliza Corpuz; I'm Mariel's current co-worker at CSUN.

    I learned how to play when I was 9 years old (I actually wanted to play the piano or violin but my parents decided on the accordion), so being a little uncoordinated it was hard at first to press keys and buttons while pulling and pushing bellows simultaneously. The left hand buttons are also learned by feel, so there is a lot of muscle memory involved because you cannot see them while you play. In any case, 20 minutes a day for about 2-3 weeks will get you fairly comfortable with it.

    It is a little heavy (I think mine is between 15-18 lbs), but that is also why most performances have the accordionist sitting down.

  7. whoops, sorry about that!
    i know a lot of eliza's from school, LOL and i get so confused.
    but, Hi Eliza!! i'll be sure to give you special hello's when i stop by to see mariel

    that sounds like the coolest thing in the world. i am digging on the according so much right now.

    so as a player, would you say.. that you are undoubtedly amazing? ahahah having played since you were 9?