Monday, September 20, 2010

the northface

so the other day, i made the most important decision of my life

i had to buy like, 
my first serious backpack
since middle school 

i made the wisest choice i could,
that this would make me cool

but instead

it made me look like this:

what do you see? 

if you're unsure, let me show you again

it's me.

in camping gear.

i tried to make myself believe that it was all okay,
that inside, i was cool
that further than that, on the outside, i was cool. 

until i started getting text messages FROM SOMEONE (COUGHCOUGHCOUGH)

my self esteem is less than what i would like 
in terms of this backpack

the situation is kinda like an anorexic girl in a mirror

except it's more like

um yeah

but then i started thinking, hey

maybe it's not so bad?

if i'm mauled by a bear, 

i am alive.

thank you, backpack

if i jump out of a plane, 

i am sleek

thank you, backpack

thank you, north face


  1. Told you it's a good backpack. You do airplane jumps daily at Star Trek Academy.

  2. as usual, I'm in love with your posts :)

  3. Hahahaaaa so good, I know this feeling! Awesome entry Tiffany!

  4. Nice I love it lol so unique you are ha..

  5. Hey I bought my first backpack in ages just last week too! :D

    Sorry to say I'm not really on the same boat as you.
    I like my backpack... :c

  6. could always just get a side bag

  7. thanks, guys!

    for side bag, consideration is near

  8. HAH i am so hilarious.