Thursday, December 2, 2010

a mother's beauty

the other day, my mom came home
as the most beautiful silhouetted figure 

at first glance, i said

"mom! you're so beautiful today!"

with her super rosey cheeks
and her shadowy eyes 
and full, voluminous hair

in that moment,
she was everything i wanted to be as a woman

beauty unfazed by a difficult day's work
with all the charm and glow still in her face 

but then she came into the light

and i saw what adulthood had to offer 

what could i say?

the worst thing possible


it wasn't the best night for us

in the end, and in the middle too, 
i guess there's a unique charm about getting old(er)

i don't know how many roses stay in your cheeks,
or if your hair keeps its shape

but i do know that even when my mom looks like a gorilla
i only see good things 


  1. :D mom's are the best! fun drawings!!!

  2. Aw, what a cute little story! I love your style, and the story only made it better.

  3. haha this is great, your little stories are awesome

  4. wonderful little story! great stuff!

  5. Haha I thoroughly enjoyed this.