Saturday, January 22, 2011

baseball sequences

detail shots! 


  1. Tiffany! These are amaaazing! Would make a very animated clip if you sequenced them one after another!
    This must have been a great anatomical practice/study! c: I should try it out some time!

  2. Tiffany your gestures are so amazing!

  3. These are great! You really captured their movement!

  4. Man, these are pretty fantastic. Great stuff!

  5. Cool post! Only thing is with pitching, try to get a few more extremes.

    There's the "wind-up" trying to turn their arm into a sling: And in the middle (slingshot pose) their arm is nearly broken looking: and release.

    Batting there's tons of different swings, but generally there's a very quick "anticipation" backward movement before the swing, just like in every squash and stretch animation:

    Great blog by the way, really entertaining!

  6. WOW! thanks so much, brian!
    i will definitely try these out

    and thank you everyone!!