Sunday, November 20, 2011


more faces!

on post-it notes

from the very good photo book, 

in 1858, 
thèophile gautier said that 

"in a world, 
which is expanding day by day,
literature is no longer enough. 

our busy age
does not always have time to read, 

but it always has time to look" 


  1. These are completely wonderful and so well crafted! Love the small touches of color, gives it a nice design feeling. You and your awesomeness...

  2. Oh, lovely idea. I particularly love the third one. I would keep it in my wallet and fondly regard it every time I opened it.

  3. LOVE these! I've been really wanting to study faces recently, too. This is such a great idea!

  4. I love your work it has such a real autenhtic sweetness to it. What did you use for the colors of these?

  5. These are really fantastic, i love the texture that the (guessing) markers make on the post it paper.

  6. ooo these are a lot of fun! great way to experiment