Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A spiritual map into Sleep Paralysis : Travel Safely

i often experience sleep paralysis, 

at first, 
it's always very scary
and can lead a body to believe
that the boundary between this world,
and a separate world

is very thin

and accessible. 


through many nights of paralysis
and tricks played by the spiritual eye 

i have come to believe

that all you have to do
is be calm,
be still,

be chill

sleep paralysis aint real bitches 


  1. I have this sometimes and it scares me :(

  2. oh how cool! i get it a lot too. but panel #2 jumped out at me: in my culture people really do give this as the reason for sleep paralysis! :)

  3. Me too! I have found that once I know it's happening I can take control over what is going on in the dreams. Then it can be pretty fun!

  4. I've truly conquered it as well, being able to now travel anywhere I please within my dreamscape