Monday, May 24, 2010

always wash your face

so, i haven't been home too much lately,

and the other day, i got a good look at my puberty sister

and i was like,

there was a girl named Olivia
who was the nicest girl in town
but she never washed her face

one day, 
her pimples started growing buckwild 

it turned out that because she didn't wash her face,
an entire society had developed on her face 

olivia is forever bedridden. 


  1. Make this into a book and I'll buy it. You should seriously do more comic stuff like this. The expressions are great as are your storys!!! (Which you already know!)

  2. HAHA win! please do more! :D and I promise to wash my face, I don't need an ecosystem.

  3. woweee that's just smashing!

  4. Tiffany I love your colors! The comic is funny too, but dang. Those are some nice color choices.

  5. thank you so much everyone!!

    more2come, more2come