Wednesday, March 23, 2011

6th grade

sooo sorry!! 

i'm all caught up, fellas! 

soon, i'll post too much again! 

for now, here's the 6th grader i saw earlier

i think that when you're in 6th grade,

being cool means you have fancy headphones

your development has not yet reached a point

where you can visually analyze that although you are wearing fancy headphones and a mohawk, 
you have killed your coolness

by skipping home 


  1. Very awesome drawing! Wait? skipping isn't cool??

  2. There's something extra special about the curvature of your sketch lines. Love it.

  3. but... but the fact that he skipped home makes him EXTRA cool!

    hi, by the way, i have been lurking your blog and i'm kind of in love with your art.

  4. The words here make the sketch just THAT MUCH BETTER.
    I shared this on my tumblr, I hope that's okay? If not, it'll come straight down.