Sunday, March 20, 2011


i know that ham comes from pigs 

pigs who are killed for the sake of my sandwich 

but i think because of the peachy pink color of ham,
i don't tend to think of it as such a horrific food 

in fact, 

i feel like it comes naturally from the earth 

a gentle pink color

unraveling a ham bud for the first time
under the new spring air 

when i do think of the pigs that produce my ham,

i can only really see the pigs who live in hundred acre wood 

writing to their friend, wilbur
and hoping Babe comes to visit later 

especially when it's "honey ham"

i can only see little pig sweeties holding hands 

however, when i see ground beef

i think the red
reminds me of blood

the blood of a million dead grocery cows 

there's no hundred acre wood for the bulls that died tonight 


  1. With each thing you draw I love you(r style) more and more! ;A;

  2. never thought packaged ham could look so adorably appealing. did it.

  3. make a book!!! you have te best storiessss!

  4. TIFFANY. You need to make a children's book!
    I want kids to believe that Ham comes from trees.

  5. OMG I think I have bite marks on my lip trying to hold the laughter in!

  6. HAM BUDS. yes!
    and a moment of silence for the dead cows.

  7. HAHAHA! morbid, but it made me lol