Friday, March 11, 2011

i am not your dominos person

soooo yesterday...

all i had to do was verify my address! 

but i guess i said it too fast?

i'd never been yelled at 
by a pizza rep before 

and biting words 

what could i say?


  1. hi, nice to meet you. i'm a student, too, and i just wanted to say thanks so much for uploading your sketches and doodles. :) great stuff.

    and i hope that lady isn't like that all the time; she ain't doing anyone any favors hahaha.

  2. dang im sorry. i can totally relate. i love the "this is happening" expression.

  3. lol did you call right back?

    awesome drawingsss

  4. ana! thanks so much for all your words!! that lady was very strange lol

    nate: ahahah thank you for your sympathy, friend!

    alex: RIGHT?

    ricky: she told me to call back, and when i asked which number i should call, she was like, "Mmmmhmm, the same one." sassy!

  5. I really am liking your work! This is pretty funny, but a bit scary too. Did you complain? I totally would have, what a weirdo!

  6. saw your link from Emily's blog. Laughing your stories :D