Friday, March 4, 2011

dadder pepper


i offered my dad some dr. pepper 

foolishly thinking he wouldn't want any 

but then he did. 

i thought he hated dr. pepper

or was that my mom?

i couldn't remember

all i knew, was that the story that was about to come
was so far away
from what i was expecting. 

he said,

"i've always loved dr. pepper"

"When i was a kid,
a soda truck tipped over on my street
and dumped out all the soda into our neighborhood" 

bottles and bottles of soda

bottles and bottles
of dr. pepper 

what was a southern boy to do? 

my kid dad looked on to what the world had brought to him 

dr. pepper 

each one

teach one

"my brothers and i took one taste of that dr. pepper"

"and it drove us crazy"

i wish i was lying about the truck

i'm so much gladder now 
that my dad loves dr. pepper as much as i do

thank you, dad

thank you, truck. 


  1. Gladder.

    Great stuff as per usual!!!

  2. The best narrated father-daughter tale ever. Your depiction of baby-Daddy is unbelievably endearing!!
    Please continue sharing your daily encounters through pictures--they are the absolute best! I know I will never get over that "Jai ho."

  3. Your art is so lovely and minimalistic. I really adore the colours and style. And it's a great way to tell stories, the pacing works well!

  4. Your stories always make me so happy

  5. you need to make this into a commercial!

  6. a similar thing happened to my dad except it was with Cornnuts.

  7. I love it! Mmmmm. Dr. Pepper.